Dash network may match PayPal levels as per upcoming research study

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June 29, 2018 by
Dash network may match PayPal levels as per upcoming research study

Dash network has a great possibility to nearly match with ease the current level of transaction of PayPal. According to a report by BCFocus, Dash is also preparing itself for the launch of this Copay wallet based on iOS and Android.

The research paper lays emphasis on the techniques of propagation for minimising the orphan rate which are marked at high levels. It says, “We found that xthin block propagation can support the coin network with a capacity at least an order of magnitude larger than the original Dash protocol.

We expect that compact blocks can also support this capacity. Compact blocks seem to not work as well at larger block sizes. We also found that traditional block propagation ran into two limits at scale. One limit involving economic considerations of miners and another limit where the network became unstable.”

Holistically, the paper suggests that a level of 10mb blocks can easily be scaled up by this coin with an orphan rate of 0.1%. Dr. Darren Tapp, the co-author of the paper stated that this step would assist to enhance the capacity of this network. With the increase in capacity, Dash can give competition to major networks of global payment.

Dr. Tapp is hopeful about the potential of this network to easily go and scale beyond even the mark of 10mb block. If some software optimizations are thrown in I feel this can support much more without a major hardware upgrade. Of course, Dash’s ace up their sleeve is that if hardware upgrades are ever needed, the resources will be available for Dash.”

In this context, Dr. Tapp points out the significance of having research work on other digital currencies including Dash network rather than being confined to Bitcoin. If Peter Rizun says that Bitcoin Cash can support 1GB block every ten minutes, then me may naïvely assume that Dash can support 250MB blocks every two and a half minutes. I would not be surprised if processing a smaller block more often would allow for a greater transaction throughput.”

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