Litecoin (LTC), TokenPay enters into partnership, plans consumer-driven crypto solutions

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July 11, 2018 by
Litecoin (LTC), TokenPay enters into partnership, plans consumer-driven crypto solutions

Litecoin  participated in a calculated partnership with TokenPay, founder Charlie Lee announced. The collaboration of Litecoin with TokenPay is to get a stake in a German Bank– WEG Bank AG. With this partnership, they really hope that they will certainly be able to service various consumer-driven crypto options.

Lee tweeted, “I’m excited to reveal that @LTCFoundation and @TokenPay have entered into a critical partnership to purchase a stake in a German bank, WEG Bank AG. We prepare to deal with lots of exciting consumer-driven crypto remedies.”

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TokenPay Swiss AG obtained 9.9% of the WEG bank along with alternatives to purchase around 90% overall of the bank pending the popular governing authorization. On July 10, this 9.9% risk in WEGBank was further transacted to the benefit of Litecoin Foundation in exchange for a wide as well as extensive advertising and marketing and also modern technology solution agreement to benefit TokenPay as well as its associated cryptocurrency and business operations. As a result of this partnership, TokenPay and also Litecoin combine as a leading force in creating as well as delivering to the marketplace modern-day consumer-driven crypto FinTech remedies.

Particularly, TokenPay will straight take advantage of Litecoin’s top-level blockchain mechanization capacities. The partnership will certainly concentrate on a number of key locations that have been recognized by analysts as vital to the success of the venture. This consists of, but is not restricted to, the TPAY cryptocurrency and its vital blockchain, eFin decentralized exchange (DEX) and the EFIN coin, TokenSuisse property management and structured monetary products, WEG Bank FinTech platform consisting of high demand customer debit cards as well as the TokenPay Multisignature Deal Engine created for refining rapid and secure crypto shopping settlements for merchants.

Prof. Dr. Jorg E. Wilhelm, Head of Supervisory Board of TokenPay Swiss AG commented, “We are gladdened to be in the process of getting a huge stake in an effective service bank based in Germany such as WEG. Our ecosystem containing the TPAY blockchain, WEG Bank, TokenSuisse as well as Litecoin Structure supplies us with a significant possibility pertaining to seller options, along with a solid and varied customer base for our crypto debit card service. The concrete truth of bridging the gap in between the old as well as new world is electrifying.”

It is important to recognize that under German financial regulation no entity could have more than 9.9% of a bank without regulative approval. Upon the granting of the approval, TokenPay plans to exercise its options to acquire the remaining shares of WEG Financial institution it is entitled to acquire.

Lee mentioned, “This collaboration is a massive win-win for both Litecoin as well as TokenPay. I’m anticipating incorporating Litecoin with the WEG Bank AG and all the different solutions it has to supply, to earn it simple for any person to purchase and also utilize Litecoin. I’m likewise delighted concerning Litecoin’s support in TokenPay’s eFin decentralized exchange.”

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With the prominent addition of Litecoin as a calculated advertising and marketing, blockchain technology, as well as logistics partner in WEG Bank and its enduring partnership with Edge Currency, TokenPay cautiously expects including numerous hundred thousand consumers to its debit card services platform in the near term. Accordingly, the technological competence given by Litecoin will be an incredible benefit to the establishment of extensive automation standards and standards employed by the financial institution as it explores new market opportunities.

Matthias von Hauff, creator, and also CEO of WEG Financial institution AG claimed: “The partnership with innovative establishments such as TokenPay as well as Litecon could initially come suddenly for a very conventional establishment like us. However we have completely as well as diligently took a look at the prospects of a typical future, and also we became persuaded that the future of banking will make fostering of such contemporary settlement approaches unpreventable. We are as a result proud to have partnered with the best in the field.”

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